Prepare yourself

Kinship Hot, is our gateway class, suitable for all levels.  Class begins and ends in lying down position (savasana).  Beginning with a brief warm up then breathing exercise, followed by a stimulating and strong standing series.  A brief rest, then deeper floor work, final breathing,  final meditation. My hot yoga practice has been a huge asset to my life.  Stress , toxins, disconnection are quickly remedied in this 75 minute series.  Careful, it is addictive.


  • Cell phones stowed outside the yoga room
  • Leave bags and personal belongings not required for class, outside the room
  • Silence is Golden.   We put a great deal of engineering and recourses to provide an escape from the noise on Figuero st.  Embrace your sanctuary!
  • Plan to stay in the room, if possible, throughout the class. We all commit to the session together, as a rule.
  • Perfumes and colognes are not what most came together to  share.

What to bring…

  • Mat
  • Towel
  • Water , or donate and share our amazing bottled water
  • clothes to sweat in
  • A little extra time (15 mins minimum your first time here), whenever possible I find leaving a little earlier sets the intention to enjoy my yoga journey at every step, and give the rushing mind a little break.
  • Change or card for meter, if parking, or leave time for free space hunting, definitely out there.
  • lock for locker
  • Shower items,  we supply soap and showers.
  • Yoga ready yourself.  wait for that big meal until after class,  drink plenty of water , though you don’t want to tank up too much an hour before class then have a full bladder half way in.  I like to have a healthy drink 10 mins before class.  Whatever works for your body.  Keep an eye on water soluble minerals when coming to class regularly, they may need replacing.


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