Aerial Yoga

11059327_1464595307194465_3147509944927443626_nF.A.Q’s about our Aerial program at Kinship

Can I take an aerial class even if I have never done it before? 
Absolutely! Our classes are designed for mixed levels, even total beginners. We keep our aerial classes small so that the instructor can give special attention to those who are just starting out. Come give it a try!

Do I need to bring my yoga mat? 
Our entire aerial room floor is lined with acrobatic panel mats, meaning you do not need your own yoga mat. However, you are welcome to use it and place it on top of the acro mat, if you prefer.

Will the fabric hold me? Is is safe?
Our aerial fabric slings are tested and rated to hold over 3,000 lbs! We emphasize safety in our aerial classes by encouraging students to work within their own comfort levels and we work on low flying slings. It’s very safe.

What’s the difference between Aerial Yoga an Aerial Dance classes at Kinship?
The Aerial Yoga classes focus on many of the same things as a regular Yoga class..including strength building, alignment, breath work, and increasing flexibility. The aerial hammock can aid and assist with the yoga postures, allowing for a lot of yummy traction and a plethora of options for inversions. The Aerial Yoga class can be taken on it’s own, or it can also be used as a great prep for the Aerial Dance classes. The Aerial Dance class is where we get a little more into the acrobatic side of things. We explore beautiful and graceful movement in the air, using similar techniques that you may have done in Aerial Yoga classes. All classes are mixed level.

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